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Gotta go, gotta flow

Mesmerized by the '70s nightclub culture on Chicago's South Side, Michael Abramson became a part of the scene and spent three years photographing the patrons, the clubs and the vibrant street life just outside the doors. More than 40 years later, a nationally-known poet and slam poetry champion, inspired by Abramson's work, brings the images to life again with poems that resurrect the vibrancy and soul. More than 89 poetic responses, combined with Abramson’s stark and stunning b/w photos, plops the reader down in a seat right next to the jukebox.

VIDEO: WTTW/Chicago feature on “Chicago Tonight,” featuring reading, photos and interview

Praise foR

Gotta go, gotta flow

— Donna Seaman, Booklist (Starred Review)

“A supremely arresting and affecting match of potent images and singing words.”

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