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In addition to being a stellar author, performer and speaker, Patricia is also in demand as a teacher of creative writing. She offers lectures, writing/performance workshops and residencies for all ages, from kindergarten to senior citizens—in schools, shelters, prisons, senior centers, libraries, community centers, and for festivals and writing conferences. She specializes in innovative ways to bring poetry to underserved communities, and has designed workshops for teachers looking for ways to incorporate poetry into their classrooms.

If you’re interested in booking Patricia for a single workshop or extended residency, contact Leslie Shipman at the Shipman Agency, 914.391.6905.


For details, or for information on tuition or fees for private instruction or other services, please contact Patricia.

Intense Individual Instruction


3 to12 months of intense instruction includes:

  • A customized study plan

  • A monthly exchange of manuscript packets for critique

  • Preparation for submission to contests or publishers (upon request)

Single Service: Manuscript Review


Online revision and review of manuscript or individual poems in preparation for submission to contests or publishers.

Single Service: Poetry Forms

Focus on a general knowledge of meter, or mastery of a particular form (sonnet, sestina, etc.)

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